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Our PMRF / MWR Mana Motors Auto Skills Center is available to provide all eligible patrons with a spacious facility of 8 bays, an assortment of SAE and Metric tools, specialty equipment, vehicle lifts, wheel and tire equipment, and computerized diagnostic scan tools and meters to satisfy most of your basic automotive repair needs. We employ ASE Certified automotive technicians to provide repair and maintenance information and assistance to get you safely through any services you may be performing on your vehicle. MWR Auto Skills Center is a “Self Help” program designed for the do it yourself hobbyist for all forms of vehicle maintenance and repair. Additional service available are as follows:

·         Wheel and Tire Replacement

·         Wheel and Tire Balancing

·         Brake Rotor and Brake Drum Resurfacing

·         Assistance with Scan Tool usage and Diagnostics information

·         Air Conditioning Service (Freon Extraction and Replenishment)

·         State Vehicle Safety  Inspections (Cars / Trucks / SUV’s / Trailers not exceeding 10,000 Lbs.)


Bldg. 1276

Nohili Road

Barking Sand, HI  96752





Hours of Operation

Tuesday through Friday: Noon - 8 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Sunday-Monday: Closed

MWR Auto Skills has a variety of automotive repair equipment.  We can assist and provide professional guidance in all of your automotive repair needs.  Come in today to experience our recently updated facility and an array of automotive tools and equipment that will help you in most of your automotive repair needs.  Listed below are just some of the MWR Auto Skills Center tools and equipment that is available with your shop usage fees.

·         SAE and Metric Tool Kits

·         Jacks and Jack Stands

·         High Rise 10,000 Lb. Vehicle Lifts

·         Assortment of air tools from Impact wrenches, Air Hammers, and High-speed cutters.

·         Blast Cabinet (large enough to fit a small-sized engine block)

·         McPherson Strut spring compressor

·         Battery Chargers

·         Engine power washer

·         Transmission Jack

·         Engine Stand

·         50 Ton Hydraulic Press

·         Brake and Drum Lathe (rotor/drum resurfacing)

·         A/C Recycler Machine

·         Vehicle Computerized Scan Tool (OBD-2 Diagnostics / Code Retrieving- Engine Control / ABS / Body Control / Drivetrain / Suspension Control / Transmission / Bi-Directional Control Testing / Sensor Graphing /  TPMS)

·         TPMS Programming 

·         Lab Scope

·         Tire Machine

·         Tire Balancer 

·         And much more.

Specials apply to PMRF Active Duty and/or Spouse only.


March Special:  Accessory Drive Belts

     Even with today’s advanced technology in serpentine & “V” drive belts, they will, like engine oil, eventually wear or even fail beyond normal usage. About 95% of today’s vehicle use serpentine drive belts to run accessories like the engine’s alternator, power steering, A/C, and even the water pump.
     Excessive engine heat takes place under the vehicle’s hood. When that happens along with environmental surroundings (road dirt, sand, saltwater mist, and other foreign matters), drive belts take extreme punishment and begin to dry out. This will then lead to drive belt fatigue causing the belt to develop cracks right down to the fiberglass web then belt failure will occur.

     For the month of March, if you are in need of changing your accessory drive belts on your vehicle, receive a 10% discount

on your purchase of belts through Mana Motors and also receive the first hour of shop usage time at “no charge”.


April Special:  Parts Sale

     Is your vehicle in need of repair? Are you trying to get parts for your vehicle but just don’t have the time? Not to worry. Your

MWR Auto Skills Center can acquire almost any part your vehicle may need. Whether you are looking for tune-up parts,

shocks, steering components, electrical components, radiator, hoses, oil filter, vehicle fluids, or even brake rotors & pads,

we can get the parts you need.

     For the month of April, purchase any repair parts you may need, and receive a 10% discount off resale. Also, receive one

hour of lift use at no charge when required for repairs.


For further information please contact Mana Motors Auto Skills Center: Steven Swacker @ 335-4439, Genevieve Silva @ 335-4380



The Hawaii Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection program is a requirement for all forms of motorized vehicles that operate on State and County roadways in the State of Hawaii. The Vehicle Inspection program is designed to ensure that all vehicles operated on public roads are in safe operating condition. Vehicle inspections are required to be renewed annually on vehicles over 2 years of age from the date of manufacture. For a vehicle to qualify for issuance of new inspection decals when due, the vehicle must pass all points of inspection performed by the official vehicle inspection station.


State law requires that all vehicles must be insured by recognized Motor Vehicle Carriers registered in the state of Hawaii and carry a valid “Hawaii NO Fault” insurance card in the vehicle at all times. Also, the vehicle must have current vehicle registration and issued decal affixed to the rear license plate. Hawaii State Law requires 1 of 2 forms of vehicle insurance identification: 
a)       Original Insurance Card (thick carded with watermark and information on the rear of the card).
b)      Smart Phone with the ability to provide your Vehicle Insurance provider information via APP. (usually, there is a location that states (View ID Cards)


The State of Hawaii also mandates that window “Tinting” or window “Film” applied to the inside of any window (excluding the front windshield) require the following regulations:

Window film darkness Scale:
5% (Darkest) 20% 35% 50% 75% (Lightest)

Window film darkness may NOT exceed 35% (minimum amount of light that can pass thru) on all windows

Truck / SUV:
a) Window film darkness may not exceed 35%,

front drivers / Passenger side windows.
b) Rear passengers & back window not to exceed 20% or lower.

Front windshield all vehicles:
a) Not to exceed 35% and must not extend beyond the AS-1 mark etched in the driver’s side left upper corner of the windshield, or not to exceed 4 inches from the uppermost top portion of the windshield 


The State of Hawaii also mandates a maximum bumper height requirement on all vehicles based on GVWR (Gross vehicle weight rating). This measurement is determined from the ground to the highest point on the bottom of the bumper.

Passenger vehicles maximum bumper height is as follows:

• Passenger vehicles: 22 inches
• 4,500 lbs. and under: 29 inches
• 4,501 lbs. to 7,500 lbs.: 33 inches
• 7,501 lbs. to 10,000 lbs.: 35 inches


Vehicle Inspection Cost: $21.00

Vehicle Inspection Hours of Operation:

Tuesday- Friday- 12:30-6:30pm
Saturday – 9:30am-4:30pm

For further information, please call us at 808-335-4439 







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