CNIC's annual Navy-wide survey of MWR programs is now available and everyone is encouraged to participate.  The surveys are used in many ways, both locally to help improve programs and services, but also as part of CNIC's MWR Accreditation process.

Surveys are posted online for your convenience and they are organized by location, program and/or facility.  You are welcome to provide feedback on facilities throughout the region; you are not limited to the area in which you live.  For example, if you were stationed at PMRF and left recently - but still follow them and want to leave a comment - you are still able to take part in the survey by clicking one of the links below.

The surveys include questions related to areas including but not limited to: customer service, facility cleanliness, availability of programs, marketing of events and activities and more.

NOTE:  Community Recreation covers several program areas including - Leisure classes, Special Events, ITT, Outdoor Recreation, picnics and parks.   If you would like to comment on any of these, please click on the Community Recreation link for the respective areas.


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Auto Skills Community Recreation
Food and Beverage Navy Getaways